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Why Do I Sweat When I Drink Alcohol?

Dilated blood vessels cause the skin to feel warm and flushed, which can trigger the release of sweat. However, as many people drink alcohol in the evening, night sweats are common. Alcohol widens your blood vessels, making more blood flow to your skin. The heat from that extra blood passes right out of your body, causing your temperature to drop. On the other hand, long-term heavy drinking boosts your blood pressure. It makes your body release stress hormones that narrow blood vessels, so your heart has to pump harder to push blood through.

Some people, especially those of East Asian descent, may face a high risk ofsudden alcohol intolerance, an uncomfortable flushing reaction that occurs shortly after drinking alcohol. If you struggle withalcohol abuseoralcohol use disorderand experiencealcohol withdrawal syndrome, or AWS, you may have many uncomfortable symptoms. Hot flashes and sweating are only two of many signs of AWS that you may experience.

Is Sweating After Drinking Alcohol a Cause for Concern?

Your heart can’t pump blood as well, and that impacts every part of your body. Normally, this organ makes insulin and other chemicals that help your intestines break down food. Along with toxins from alcohol, they can cause inflammation in the organ over time, which can lead to serious damage. After years, that means you won’t be able to make the insulin you need, which can lead to diabetes.

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Sulfites in Alcohol: Are There Any Drinks Without Sulfites?

Alcohol can cause some people to feel hot and may lead to night sweats. This occurs when alcohol affects the nervous system and how the body regulates and senses body temperature, blood pressure, and heart activity. Whether that’s the case or not, many people report red wine in particular seems to trigger hot flashes, according to Dr. Hirsch. If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages in the hot weather, drink them slowly, and have a glass of water at regular intervals to keep yourself hydrated.

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  • Alcohol withdrawal can begin within hours of ending a drinking session.
  • If you drink more than that, your body will struggle to get rid of these toxins fast enough, including acetaldehyde.
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